About us

V Drive Safe, a Road Safety Awareness initiative is established on:

“It is not the question of whose mistake, it is the question of whose life.”

After field research and training in over 3 countries which has had massive reduction in road accidents we have initiated V Drive Safe in India, in the aim to educate the driving knowledge in systematical way, and to reduce the accidents ratio.

Our founders strongly believe on this principle “Not to hit and Not to get hit - both is our responsibility and no blaming is allowed.”

Through V Drive Safe, we not only want to spread awareness on the right and safe way of driving but also the attitude and behavior of a person on the road.

Our Motto :

      V Build . V Assert . V Drive . V Care .

Mission :

“It is not the question of whose mistake, it is the question of whose life.” should be the thought process of every individual on the road.

Vision :

To be the foremost embedding entity of road safety education management in the country.

      Learn . Live . Lead .

Who is behind this idea?

“On the road to success, the rule is to always look ahead…”

Vinayak Group started out as a financial services enterprise.

The founders of Vinayak Group have over 26 years of experience in the Automobile Industry.

Vinayak Group started from Mannargudi – Tanjore District, followed by spreading into Chennai & Chengalpattu, Tamil Nadu. Now Vinayak group is present in Karnataka & Tamil Nadu.

We are employing 500 people across both the locations.

The Founders of the Group are extremely compassionate and for them charity begins at home. From running a Charitable Trust (hospital) in their birth-town to running a Montessori based educational school – V School in Bangalore.

V School has a very unique method of teaching, through mediums of music, hearing abilities, visual teachings, as the Founder believes every individual has their own unique way of learning.

The founders of Vinayak Group are ardent followers of their spiritual guru – Mahatria Ra.

They believe that Infinitheism is the path that provides breakthroughs and allows human spirit to realize its humongous, boundless potential.

Vinayak Group: A Journey through time.

2007 – Launched Skoda in Bangalore.

2010 – Moved the Skoda Showroom from existing location to prime location.

2011 – Grew into launching 2nd showroom in Bangalore at Marathahalli (2nd sales outlet).

2012 – Launched our 2nd after-sales outlet in Okalipuram.

2013 – Expanded our horizons and set foot in Chennai by launching our Hyundai dealership.

2014 – Ventured out in our main city Bangalore by launching Yamaha and V Drive Safe.

2015 – Further grew by expanding into different avenues such as Benelli in Bangalore and first educational service – V School, Bangalore.

2016 – Expanded operations in Chennai by launching TATA commercial vehicles in Chennai and renovated Skoda Sales Outlet.

2017 – Expanding Tata Commercials pan Tamil Nadu; renovating Okalipuram workshop.

2018 – Restructuring Skoda by Growing our main after-sales outlet by 2.5x times by moving from K R Puram to Mahadevpura and moving the Marathalli sales outlet B Narayanapura with state-of-the-art facility. Proudly launched V Drive Safe on a commercial scale.

Rewards & Achievements:

Vinayak Skoda: The Company has won many awards. Best in After-sales, Best in Customer Service to name a couple.

In the recent past, Vinayak Skoda has consistently performed 110% in Sales Retail in the last quarter of 2018. They have also set record in after-sales for highest labor achievement

Vinayak Tata (Commercial Motors): Tata Motors has been on an up-scale for Vinayak since the day the operations started with expansions all over the state of Tamil Nadu.

Best Performing Dealer M3K 2018, Best Financial Spread 2017 – 2018; Best Pick-Up – Special Initiatives – H1 are some of the awards Tata has achieved till now in their tenure.

Benagluru Benelli: Number 1 Dealer in 2015 all over India; Sold Highest Number of Super Bikes; Best in Customer Satisfaction; selling more than 50 super-bikes in a single month.

Vinayak Hyundai: In 2013 the company was awarded New Best Dealer, in 2014 they were awarded Regional Best Seller.