The Pledge

I understand that on the road, it’s not about who is right, but whether a life will be put at stake. Thus, I ignore my ego, observe safety measures and be a responsible citizen and an example to the next generation.

I hereby pledge that:

  • I will always use a helmet on a two wheeler even if I’m a pillion rider and the seat belt in case of a four wheeler.
  • I will be sensitive to people and environment around and refrain from unnecessary honking.
  • I will use mobile phones only after I stop driving.
  • I will park responsibly and ensure that I do not create roadblocks and cause distress to others, for my own convenience.
  • I will also take special safety measures when there are children on board.
  • Drunken driving is the most irresponsible act and I will refrain from it.
  • I will observe traffic rules at all times and always drive with a smile for I know that a loved one is eagerly waiting to greet me at home.